Kim: I am so Proud of Myself

…I didn’t cheat!  When I totally wanted to.  Sunday was my best friend’s birthday and I went out with her family to dinner, and I had just bought a new dress from Anthropologie on Saturday (on sale of course, their sales are the best).  I am dying for this experiment to be over to I can wear this dress btw, but the urge to cheat on this experiment was so strong around 5:26pm on Sunday.  There it lay on my bed taunting me.  Saying words like, “No one will know, it can be our little secret.”  At odds with each other I decided not to cheat, though I did wear a sweater to dinner since it was raining cats and dogs and a bit chilly.  The dress is still there begging to be worn, and it will…for Friday night dinner.


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Kim: Last Week

So we are into the long haul here girls…our last week.  We have struggled with the boring outfits and the crazes and the cheating and the longing for the rest of our wardrobe and we are almost there!  Though I think we have finally all accepted that we are not allowed to touch the rest of our wardrobe, I must say, it is going to feel so damn good when I get to put on a pair of jeans, or a different top.  I should NOT have picked a tank top because I always feel self-conscious when I am wearing just a tank.  What I should have done was picked a v neck basic top or a top with a little more substance.

My green top I still love but was a bit fussy for my taste.   Though I love the pattern and how bright it is, it fit funny.  But hey, that’s what you get when you buy stuff from Forever 21.

The one item I still would wear everyday after this whole experiment is over are my jean shorts.  They are the most comfortable pair of shorts and they still make me feel like a rock star when I wear them.  I know…a rock star.

But I am preparing myself to enter a world of fashion and anger this weekend when I drop by the Barney’s Warehouse sale.  I am prepared to be trampled…well prepared.

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Isa: I have a confession to make..

… I cheated! For about 3h only and inside of a movie theater, but still!

Saturday afternoon, I went shopping with Kelly. Kelly wanted to buy shiny silver shoes for her sister’s wedding and I wanted to replace the cheap H&M tank top that I’ve been destroying with the 6 item challenge, by another cheap H&M tank top (what else to say, I don’t learn). Shoes were bought, tank tops were bought and theeeeeen (in another H&M – the best!, the biggest one!) I found the dress that made me sin. Pale Pink. Knee-high tulip skirt. Buttoned down. All lace. “YOU HAVE TO BUY IT”, said Kelly. I follow orders easily. Then, it was just too hard to resist to wear it immediately. Seriously, between filthy tank top and filthy jean shorts and beautiful lace pink new dress, I don’t think anyone can discuss my ethic on this.

The affair lasted for a taxi ride and a movie’s night. Next morning I was back to my six. And feeling brave enough to continue the challenge during the remaining one week and a half. The saddest is that the liberation feeling I was hopping to achieve during this month wearing my 6, I only felt while cheating on my new dress!

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The Stress

The one thing I really like about this challenge is the amount of time I save from not thinking about my outfits.

Though, instead of worrying about fashion I have set my sites on other goals like:

1.  Tone up!

2. Save money!

3. Spend as much time outside while it is still nice!

Pretty good goals I think…

The one thing I really hate about this challenge is not being able to wear other clothes when I feel like it.

This weekend I went to Brooklyn Flea and I couldn’t help but notice everyone’s cool outfits and how sweaty and gross I felt in mine.  Though I know this is just a personal struggle and that no one is even noticing me in the outfit I have worn 3 times this week, it sucks.  It is amazing how an outfit can alter one’s energy and outlook for the day.  I mean if I chose to wear all black items for my 6 I think I would have turned into Morticia Addams by now (or at least gained her cool, dark attitude). What has been on my mind more than ever lately is, “I can’t wait for fall fashion. I can’t wait for fall FASHION.” It’s like the song that never ends.  I attribute this partially to the fact that I love fall fashion, but mostly to the fact that fall signals the opportunity for me to wear something else.

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Kelly: Oh well, better late than never, here’s my six:

My items are a gray(ish?) high waisted skirt, a tan flowy high waisted skirt, a white linen top, a bronze sequined tank top, a blue silk top, and a long tan sleeveless sweater.  Already its awful, so why am I doing this? I haven’t even blogged or taken a photo, as far as anyone knows I haven’t been… but Isa suggested I join and Owyn said “oh come on” and after very little thought I agreed.   I don’t have too much pride to admit I was wrong, but I’m definitely too stubborn to quit already.

Last week my friend watched me mindlessly chain-smoke a pack of candy cigarettes (the good kind made of bubblegum that puff powdered sugar) and it sparked a conversation about impulsiveness and addiction… she later sent me this article called “Just Buy It” about impulsivity being tied to brain chemicals which lets me off the hook entirely for my rash decision making.  (

The article claims that the brains of impulsive people have too much dopamine, causing some individuals to behave rashly, perhaps by buying things they don’t need… auto-receptors in the brain usually keep dopamine at the right level, but the  researchers “suspected that the dopamine thermostats of highly impulsive people are broken.”

I’ll admit I am impulsive, and an emotional decision maker, and definitely an impulsive shopper, but clearly I have no choice.  Over the past year I’ve pulled in the reigns on my clothing addiction.  During that time my impulsive tendencies were manifested in at least 15 different hair colors, definitely 7 different hairstyles, and more trips to Ikea than any person should ever make.   But the worst is in the morning when I’m deciding what to wear… even if I take the time to put my clothes out the night before to save time I may decide on a whim that the outfit looks different than 10 hours ago when I picked it out.  I don’t know, maybe my broken thermostat is what accounts for all of it, but it’s probably the reason I’m taking part in the challenge too.   Would I jump off a bridge if all my friends were doing it? Maybe…it depends if Owyn said “Oh come on” once or twice.

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Visnja: Art Inspires Life, Life Inspires Movie Night

Yesterday I tried another belt. It’s made to look like braided cotton. I thought it may give another look to the white bubble dress I usually wear belt-less, and it did. I couldn’t place who I looked like. Then the summer camp kids started asking to watch Robin Hood and all was answered.

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O: Talls need not apply

Today Isa arrived with a shit attitude and Kelly has decided that she has a “work uniform.”

We’ve slacked on the daily photos  but I think today was the first of any creativity. I like that these photos prove I’m not the shortest here and that Visnja is in fact 5’9″ not 5’6″.

Thursday, I passed the test at Steven Alan!  Yayy  And then Saturday I bought $150 sandals

Not much else to say.. I feel glad I’m happy wearing the same thing over and over with a month worth of excuses for it

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